SD Pharmacology

We are a Contract Research Organization providing quality in vivo research services for biotech and pharma clients. We focus on oncology, immuno-oncology, autoimmune, metabolic & inflammation disease models, and new model development.

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  • Syngeneic mouse tumor models

  • PBMC, CD34+ humanized and transgenic models

  • Subcutaneous and orthotopic implants

  • Xenograft human tumor cell lines

  • Patient-derived tumor tissue

  • Subcutaneous and orthotopic implant models

  • Multiple Sclerosis models

  • Arthritis

  • Lupus

  • Metabolic diseases

  • CCl4 Induced Liver Fibrosis

  • Bile Duct Ligation Induced Liver Fibrosis

  • Diet Induced NAFLD/NASH

  • UUO Induced Renal Fibrosis

  • Bleomycin Induced Lung Fibrosis

  • Acute Inflammation Paw Edema

  • DSS Induced Acute Colitis

  • Imiquimod Induced Psoriasis

  • Hapten Induced Atopic Dermatitis

Contact us for all new model and custom model development needs. Our experienced scientists will work with you to create or characterize a model suitable for your preclinical drug discovery program.