Immuno Oncology Models

Subcutaneous CT26 Mouse Colon Carcinoma

  • Validated subcutaneous models with positive control immune checkpoint inhibitors

  • % Tumor Growth Inhibition relative to vehicle @ d25

  • **p<0.01 relative to saline & isotype control

  • *p<0.01 relative to saline

  • Additional tumor growth curves with standard-of-care treatments also available

MC38 Mouse Colon Carcinoma

  • Tumor growth kinetics evaluated at 5 different cell implant conditions

  • Efficacy evaluation includes daily dosing of test articles, twice weekly body weights, tumor volumes and clinical observations for up to 5 weeks

4T1 Mouse Mammary Carcinoma

  • Validated subcutaneous, mammary fat pad orthotopic, and intravenous lung primary tumor implants, with secondary metastatic lung evaluations available

  • Time to Evaluation Size for 300 mm3 and 1000 mm3 calculations performed

Ll/2 Mouse Lung Carcinoma

  • C57Bl/6 mice are implanted with 0.3 million cells subcutaneously on the right hind flank

  • Tumor volumes and body weights are measured twice weekly

Orthotopic Mouse Models

Validated sites of orthotopic implant include:

  • Intracranial

  • Intrasplenic

  • Colon (intra-cecal)

  • Mammary Fat Pad

  • Direct Lung Injection

Humanized Mouse Models

  • PBMC or CD34+ Engrafted Mice

  • Tumor growth evaluation with immune checkpoint inhibitors

  • PBMC Graft versus Host Disease models also available